The HxGN LOCAL Geospatial Defence Summit venue is Taverne De Grenssteen, right beside the Labyrinth Drielandenpunt.

Drielandenpunt is located in the woods on the Vaalserberg, a location where the Dutch, Belgium and
German border actually crosses.

For NAVIGATION, please use this  address:
Viergrenzenweg 97
6291 BM Vaals

Google Maps: Search for "Labyrint Drielandenpunt". The labyrinth is right beside Taverne De Grenssteen.

Accommodation ...
... is not possible at the HxGN LOCAL Geospatial Defence Summit venue itself.
 Taverne De Grenssteen does not provide rooms. The nearest hotels are in Vaals (NL), Aachen (D) and Eupen (B). Please see here for a choice of hotels.

Transport to/from the venue:
You will be most flexible with a car to move between hotel and venue. Anyhow, it is also possible to take a bus to Vaals and from there have a little walk or take a taxi up the hill. Taxi transfers for the entire distance are available by advance notification.

Sharing cars or taxis in the mornings and evenings is a good idea! The event organisers are willing to bring participants together in order to make sure that everybody finds his or her way up the hill easily. If you like, you can use the comment section in the registration form to let us know your shuttle offers/needs.



Brussels, Cologne and Dusseldorf in approximately 100 km distance.



Aachen, Germany: 10 km to summit venue
Maastricht, Netherlands: 30 km to summit venue
Eupen, Belgium: 20 km to summit venue


Bus and walk:

From Aachen to Vaals, please take bus no. 33 or 25
Departure: Aachen Bushof
Arrival: Vaals Busstation
Travel time: max 30 Min.

There are buses from Maastricht, Heerlen and Eupen to Aachen. Please check WWW for connections.

From Vaals Busstation to Taverne Grenssteen/Labyrinth Drielandenpunt: Walk by foot up hill in about 30 minutes.



From Vaals (e.g. busstation) to Taverne Grenssteen/Labyrinth Drielandenpunt
Taxi Reinders, Vaals
Tel. mobil: +31 623 947330
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10 minutes / approx. 10 EUR [Better to call the taxi in advance]

From Aachen to Taverne Grenssteen/Labyrinth Drielandenpunt

Taxiruf Aachen
T: +49 241 6 66 66 or +49 241 3 44 41
Mini-van taxis available
Download Taxi App

T: +49 241 22222
Mini-van taxis available
Taxi App in App store or Google Play
Taxiunternehmen Gering Taxi und Mietwagen Aachen
T: +49 241 5591500